Letter From Governor of Peleliu

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Hello Mr.Yokoyama,

It was nice meeting with you and your colleagues in PeLeliu. Thank you for your interest in the Peleliu Museum and for your help in improving and preserving the integrity of the war relics in the museum. We are happy to cooperate with you in the future for more and better improvements of the museum for the enjoyment and benefit, of those who come to visit Peleoliu and to learn more about the histroy of the Battle Of Peleliu.


Governor State of Peleliu


パラオ・ペリリュー島 315

Letter From Peleliu War Museum

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Dear Mr. Yokoyama,

Thank you for your email and your support of the museum. It was a pleasure meeting you and I know that we will work well together.

Sunday I am going to the museum with the Governor to discuss repairs and possible alterations to the building interior. Whatever we do should not impact the Japanese display you installed. I do want to persuade him to fix the roof. If that is done we might take a bit from the wall so we’d be able to move your display case to end of the aisle for better visibility. Since the air conditioning has quit working we will need to get that repaired. I would very much like to install a dehumidifier if we can find the funding. Without better control of the humidity your display will deteriorate and we don’t want that to happen.

Soon we will begin the cataloguing of museum items. Perhaps on your next visit you will help us with identification?

Thank you, again. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Peleliu War Museum
パラオ・ペリリュー島 303

6/22 - 6/26 パラオ・ペリリュー島へ

6/22(土)- 6/26(水)パラオ・ペリリュー島へ行きました。

Peleliu War Museum(ペリリュー戦争博物館)の第一回改修プロジェクトを実施致しました。

パラオ・ペリリュー島 294 パラオ・ペリリュー島 269 パラオ・ペリリュー島 276 パラオ・ペリリュー島 312 パラオ・ペリリュー島 309 パラオ・ペリリュー島 185 パラオ・ペリリュー島 234


パラオ・ペリリュー島 303


パラオ・ペリリュー島 315

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